Bioanalytics and Biosensors

We offer expertise from a single source to find fast solutions to your issues, starting with the object of study, selecting the appropriate methods, preparing the samples and conducting the actual measurements, through to data collection and analysis. On request, we can also interpret the results and help make use of them.

The focus is on representing the entire molecular bioanalytical process as well as large spheres of chemical and process analytics. This entails developing a workflow, from handling the smallest quantities of samples through to the analysis using biosensors or biochips. The substances to undergo analysis include the whole range of biologically relevant molecules, such as DNA oligomers, PCR products, cells, aptamers, RNA, peptides, antibodies and other proteins, as well as all types of »small molecules« that are used as potential active substances, e.g. in screening.

Biosensors that are robust and able to regenerate are used for process monitoring and on-site analytics.