Smart Dry Reagents

Gel-based drying reagent spots
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Gel-based drying reagent spots

The latest diagnostic methods are marketed all over the world. One step critical to the quality involved in this is sending sensitive biological reagents and specimens, usually as a cooling pack. Along with the high cost of logistics, this also results in a significant risk of loss should the content thaw out during transport, for example when clearing customs. Our Dry Reagent Engineering service provides a solution to this. »Smart« dry reagents are storage-stable at room temperature, and can be customized for the respective application: They can be adhesive and transparent, can hydrate quickly or slowly and be color-coded to make their use more straightforward. We offer a full service, including the calculation of the cost and throughput of a range of drying methods (freeze drying or ambient pressure drying), and we will find the right formulation for your reagent, optimize the drying protocol and test its storage stability in accordance with EN ISO 23640:2015-12. Upon request, we will also develop and test optimal packaging solutions for your new product.

Freeze Drying Immunoassay Reagents

Freeze-drying of peptides with freeze-drying system Christ Epsilon®.

Freeze-drying (lyophilization) is considered the gentlest method for producing long-term stable dry reagents for immunoassays. In the project, new formulations are being investigated that stabilize antibodies just as effectively as conventional formulations using e.g. sugar or BSA, but freeze-dry faster. In addition to a significant cost reduction, this will also increase throughput.