The activity profile essentially comprises the application of defined quantities (spotting) of biological sample material to a predefined surface. The volume transferred per spot can range from a few pL to nL or even µL. The range of (biological) samples processed extends from nucleic acids (DNA, RNA and aptamers), peptides and proteins to complex samples such as serum, cell extract and vital cells. With the available equipment the physico-chemical properties of the samples can be taken into account and under identical conditions the samples can be dispensed very gently. Modified slides as well as membranes, wafers and pre-structured 3-dimensonal objects for ivD and lab-on-a-chip applications in different sizes can be used as targets for the samples. The offer is rounded off by the possibility of specific structuring and modification of surfaces and their characterization.


Range of services

  • Production (spotting) of customized DNA, peptide, protein and cell microarrays
  • Multiparameter analytics
  • Competence Center Dispensing Technologies
  • Spotting on different materials, e.g. glass, plastic, membranes, microtiter plates, conductor paths, etc.
  • Benchmarking of various contact and non-contact spotters to select the optimal system (reference laboratory for liquid dispensing systems)
  • Execution of customer-specific microarray experiments, evaluation and documentation
  • Optimization of experiments by thermodynamic and kinetic measurements
  • Transfer of other assay formats to microarrays, as lateral flow test and for in vitro diagnostic applications
  • Development and establishment of assays for ELISA and microarrays
  • Colorimetric, fluorescence and electrochemical detection systems



  • Dispensing of biological fluids / samples in pL to µL volume
  • contact and non-contact based methods
  • Dispensing on different surfaces
  • Immobilization of (bio)molecules
  • Quality control of the manufactured microarrays
  • Surface Characterization
  • Determination of the loading / immobilization density
  • Modifications and coatings of surfaces



  • I2-400 (Company M2)
  • S5 (Company Scienion)
  • S7 (Company Scienion)
  • S100 (Company Scienion)
  • Genetics
  • top spotter
  • Contact angle measurement, ellipsometry
  • bScreen (Biamterics)