Continuing Education

Individualized training and workshops

Advanced training courses are offered for all equipment and methods available at the institute. The courses include the joint planning of the training content and scope and are based on the level of knowledge of the customer and participants. Trainings are possible for single persons as well as for whole groups of persons. The courses include the creation of a concept, the practical execution of the experiments, the explanation of the equipment and methods and the development of the theoretical background to the experiments.

Students carry out experiments in the laboratory under supervision
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Individual training in the laboratory

Individual training for:

  • Student groups
  • Spezialized school classes
  • Individuals from the life science sector
  • Medical professionals  


Individual training on up-to-date (bio)analytical equipment::

  • Dispersers
  • Spotters
  • Luminex systems
  • Label-free systems Biacore, bScreen, NanoTemper
  • Handling microarrays
  • Training in atomic force and fluorescence microscopy