Assay development and PoC

The approaches developed at Fraunhofer IZI-BB in the technology areas of bioanalytics and sensor technology are used in the development of assays in addition to independent use and licensing. Thus, customer-specific tests can not only be adapted and developed on conventional and cutting-edge formats at the institute, but are also transferred to proprietary platforms. These include improved miniaturized test formats, complex multiplex point-of-care platforms or novel binding molecules such as aptamers for classical ELISA assays.

The value chain necessary for assay development is completely covered and extends to the fields of agriculture, environment and medicine.


The assays can be realized for you on the following platforms.

  • Microarray
  • With aptamers
  • Lateral flow
  • Electrochemical Assays
  • Swabs

Range of services - Proprietary technologies

Point-of-Care Assays

Homogeneous immunoassays

Haemocompatibility / blood compatibility

Aptamers for assay development