Assay and Biosensor Development

The entire process of molecular bioanalysis as well as large areas of chemical and process analytics are mapped at Fraunhofer IZI-BB. This includes the development of a workflow from sample handling of the smallest quantities to analysis using biosensors or biochips. Substances analysed include the entire range of biologically relevant molecules, such as DNA oligomers, PCR products, cells, aptamers, RNA, peptides, antibodies and other proteins, as well as all types of »small molecules« used as potential active substances, e.g. in screening.


We offer expertise starting with the question of the object to be analyzed, through the selection of suitable methods, sample preparation and the measurement itself, to data acquisition and evaluation. On request, we also interpret the results and provide support for their utilization.


Biosensor Technology

Flexible technology platform

also for parallel multiparameter analyses



Spot customer-specific DNA,

peptide, protein and cell microarrays


Biomarker Validation

Development of assays for the validation of biomarkers - adaptation to different platforms


Functional Nucleic Acids - Aptamers

Synthesis and functionalization of aptamers - Aptasensors for analytical and therapeutic applications


Binders for Biomolecules

From small compounds to proteins



Blood compatibility of cardiovascular medical devices


Homogeneous Immunoassays

Rapid mix-and-measure tests without washing steps


Smart Dry Reagents

Freeze-drying of immunoassay reagents