Cell Culture

In our 200 m2 cell culture unit, 10 fully equipped workstations including a separate quarantine area are available for the cultivation of animal and human cells under S1 conditions. Our laboratory manager Anika Andersson competently teaches, supervises and supports the cell culture work. She ensures a smooth workflow and maintains our steadily growing in-house cell bank with currently 49 cell lines (as of 01/2022). Thanks to a broad spectrum of analyses and the corresponding experience, we can offer a variety of in vitro test methods. In our cell culture we are happy to give you the space to carry out your own work or we can take over your work on behalf of you.

Range of Services

Cell Cultivation

  • Expansion of your animal cell lines and primary cells (suspension cells, adherent cells)
  • Preparation of cell samples (live or processed)
  • Cryopreservation of cell and tissue samples
  • Use of our cell culture infrastructure for trained personnel (sterile benches, CO2 incubators, centrifuges, provision of sterile supplies and consumables, standard media and additives in R&D scale)  
  • Testing of cell culture associated equipment

Cell Culture Assays

  • Mycoplasma test (PCR) of your culture/s
  • Cytotoxicity assays (based on DIN ISO EN 10993)
  • Cell proliferation assays 
  • Establishment and optimization of your assay formats
  • Cell staining techniques, e.g. immunohistological staining
  • Microscopic examination of your samples
    • Fluorescence microscopy, optionally with high content screening in combination with Deep Learning
    • Live Cell Imaging (Time Lapse)


    • Sterile workbenches
    • CO2 incubators, CO2/O2 incubators and shaking incubators with CO2
    • Centrifuges with cooling
    • Cryopreservation in nitrogen gas phase
    • Leica microscopes for brightfield and phase contrast microscopy (50x to 400x magnification)
    • Fully automated fluorescence microscope IX83 (Olympus) with incubation chamber for time-lapse imaging (CellSens) and high-content screening incl. AI (ScanR)
    • Automated cell counting and GFP transfection efficiency determination (LUNA-FL™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter)
    • Multimode Microplate Reader: microplate reader for absorbance, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence
    • Bioanalyzer CEDEX Bio HT (e.g. for: Ammonia, Glucose, Glutamine, IgG human, Lactate, Magnesium, Total-Protein, further analytes are available)
    • Cryostat
    • Auto-MACS
    • Swivel table
    • Rotator
    • Ultrasonic bath
    • pH meter
    • Fine balance
    • Ice machine
    • Ultrapure water system
    • Thermo shaker for small reaction vessels