offline  /  November 03, 2022  -  November 04, 2022

4th Snow Algae Meeting in Prague

The biennial Snow Algae Meeting (SAM) will take place from November 3rd to 4th, 2022 - this time in Prague at the Czech Academy of Sciences. 32 scientists from Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Poland and South Korea meet for the 4th time in a workshop atmosphere to discuss current aspects of fieldwork, taxonomy, new species, ecology, genetics, proteomics as well as physiology and biotechnology in the field of snow algae. As in previous years, the goal is to connect the relatively small community of researchers working on these extremophile organisms in the polar and alpine zones of our planet and to promote cooperations. 18 lectures and 7 posters will show what and how we currently study snow algae all together.

At the Fraunhofer IZI-BB, the CCCryo algae collection provides the bioresource for laboratory studies - both for snow algae researchers worldwide and for our own research on the development of novel active ingredients for cosmetics in cooperation with several industrial companies.